Adrie Aradaz Amp v1.02.2

Arie Aradaz has released two freeware VST effect plug-ins: Aradaz Maximizer and Aradaz Amp.

Aradaz Maximizer is an auto release maximizer with manual input gain control. It supports 44.1KHz-192KHz and has the following controls (no GUI):

  • Input gain control: -60dB – 0dB
  • Gain control release: 0.001s – 1.0s
  • Maximize: 0dB – 21.58dB
  • Output: -oo dB – 0dB

Aradaz Amp is a Real Time Crunch Sounds Virtual Guitar Amp. It has three stages of EQ and two built-in cabinet simulators. You can get more distortion by setting the input & gain knobs to maximum (supports 44.1Khz-96Khz).

Both plug-ins are coded in C++ and available for Windows PC, free of charge.

Visit Arie Aradaz for more information and links to download Aradaz Maximizer and Aradaz Amp.