AriesCode AriesVerb v0.3

AriesCode has released AriesVerb 0.3, an effect reverb plug-in with low CPU usage, based on a highly configurable fractional delay design.

AriesVerb can be used as a room simulator providing smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound. But it can do much more. The parameters can be adjusted over a wide range to create phasing or FM effects.

AriesVerb features

  • Fractional delay effect-reverb plugin
  • 14 geometry configurations
  • 6 feedback matrix configurations
  • Delay time (room size): 1 µs (0.3 mm) to 1 s (330 m)
  • Independent control of low and high-frequency decay
  • Stereo rotation
  • Delay length modulation
  • Modulation period from 0.001 s (1 kHz) to 10 s (0.1 Hz) allows for flanger, phaser, rotor, and FM like effects
  • Overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop for extra crunch

Since v0.2 (december 2004) AriesVerb has been updated with more presets, a better fractional-delay engine (can go down to 1 microsecond), better VST2.0 compliance and a bug that could cause some hosts to deny parameter automatization was fixed.

More information: AriesCode