AriesCode AriesVerb

AriesCode has released version 0.7.3 of AriesVerb, a multi-effects processor in VST format with extremely low CPU usage.

Christian writes:

This update focuses on usability, with some feature additions and of course new presets.

Many user requests that accumulated over time have been implemented, and the development seems to go in both directions simultaneously: On the one side is the experimental crowd who wants even more crazy things, and on the other side is the professional crowd who wants presets modeled after familiar hardware and usability. I am happy to be able to serve both!

Changes in AriesVerb v0.7.3

  • Added multilevel undo/redo functionality.
  • Added UI settings page with multiple options: display brightness, GUI size, font, startup page.
  • Added freeze and bypass buttons.
  • Added inverter frequency as modulation target.
  • Added 3 new LFO waveshapes: square, sample&hold and noise.
  • Added per-delay line half live modifier.
  • Redesigned the library page with revert/load buttons.
  • Consolidated modulation options onto fewer pages.
  • Longer maximum delay (128k samples, about 2.5 seconds).
  • Waterfall diagram has better handling and labeling.
  • Save dialog has correct default path into the presets folder.
  • Fixed save dialog translates ‘forbidden characters’ for the filename.
  • Fixed keyboard use in Live and CuBase for entering license key.
  • Fixed keyboard use in Canabile when using keyboard as clavier.
  • Fixed deadlock on exit in Renoise while an editor window is open.
  • Fixed GUI freeze in EnergyXT when moving mouse over the GUI.
  • Fixed assertion failure in large CuBase projects under heavy load.
  • Fixed modulation state changes were not always recognized.
  • Fixed modulation depth gets clamped to the last tap with multitap.
  • Fixed mipmap chain completeness (OpenGL related).
  • Fixed Gflop/s accounting for info page.
  • Fixed excess modulation noise in SSE2 implementation.
  • New presets: 4-Stereo Duckling, 4-Stereo Vector Phaser, Alarm Resonator, Analog Stereo PWM-alyzer, Aqua Filter, Auto Helicopter, Basic Phase Modulation, Basic Phaser, Claviduck, Flanging Auditorium, Granular Reverse, Guitar-Wah, Heavenly Echo (composite program for 2 instances), Laser Resonator, Moving Stereo Phaser, Specular Reverb*, Spooky Vocal Echo, Supernatural Awakening.

AriesVerb 0.7.3 beta is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 129 EUR. A fully functional (except for the ability to recall settings) demo version is available for download.

More information: AriesCode