AriesCode has released version 0.7.6 of Ariesverb, a multi-effects processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

There is a new version of AriesVerb with many bug fixes, some UI improvements and a redesigned save feature.

AriesCode Ariesverb

AriesCode Ariesverb

Changes in Ariesverb v0.7.6

  • New presets: Bad Encoding, Basic Overdrive High, Basic Overdrive Low, Basic Overdrive Med, Crow Concert, Fifths Delay, Laser Echo 2, Windy Reverb.
  • New program library with support for user programs.
  • New UI layout in the editor window (2nd sidebar).
  • New save feature.
  • New calculator logic, some new functions.
  • Added mousewheel support.
  • Fixed white screen bug in Live on Mac.
  • Fixed save settings issue on Windows 7.
  • Fixed resizing issue in Sony Vegas.
  • Fixed numerical issue for presets with high-slope gating.
  • Fixed a division by zero bug for very short delays.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun bug.
  • Fixed handling bug with spinner controls.
  • Fixed shift-key for text input on Mac.
  • Fixed international characters display on Mac.

Ariesverb for Windows and Mac (VST) is avaialble to purchase for 129 EUR / $169 USD.

More information: AriesCode