AriesCode AriesVerb v0.4

AriesCode has released version 0.4a of AriesVerb, a freeware reverb effect plug-in based on a highly configurable fractional delay design.

When used conservatively as a room simuator, this plugin can do smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound.

In addition, this plugin can do more than just room simulation. Most parameters can be adjusted over a wide range of many orders of magnitude. The fractional delay allows for phasing effects in the microseconds (µs) range, even below the actual sampling rate used. The delay length modulation can be adjusted in depth and speed, where the modulation speed may be so high that FM like effects are possible. There is also an overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop.

Changes in AriesVerb v0.4a

  • Fixed: Random crash when an instance of AriesVerb is deleted.
  • Fixed: Random cease of operation, while displaying an empty or corrupted program name.

AriesVerb is one of my favorite freeware reverb plug-ins. It is very versatile and uses little CPU. According to developer Christian, version 0.5 (which should be out in the beginning of 2009) will feature a GUI.

AriesVerb is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: AriesCode