Arksun-Sound Zebra Arksun Soundset

Arksun-Sound has released the Zebra Arksun Soundbank, a collection of patches for u-he Zebra2.

A synth held in high regard and for good reason, this incredibly versatile synth allowed me to explore completely new directions in sound.

A very diverse collection of sounds in this soundbank covering many styles whilst retaining the ‘Arksun Sound’. All 128 presets utilize all 4 performance controls for additional sound shaping!.

If you’re making EDM, chillout or even film score stuff, this soundbank will offer you a great palette of sounds for your mix. (ver 2.3 or higher required)

The Zebra Arksun Soundbank is available for purchase now for 25 EUR. A free demo bank with 16 patches is available for download from the product page.

More information: Arksun-Sound