Arovane has announced the release of a new collection of 32 presets for the Pigments software synthesizer by Arturia.

The Radiance soundset consists of rhythmic sequences, pulsating pads, powerful gated sounds, ethereal pads and experimental sounds based on granular synthesis.

The modulation wheel plays an important role in performance and playability. This means that the sounds can be formed on a larger scale. Filter parameters, synthesis-specific parameters such as FM and Ring Modulation, parameters in the granular section, dynamic function generators and much more can be controlled with a single movement of the mod wheel.

A rhythmically gated pad fades softly into an atmospheric soundscape, a significant and powerful pulse dissolves into a granular structure, an atonal – granular sound morphs into a tonal spectrum and much more.

Radiance features

  • 7 Sound Effects (Creative, Ambient).
  • 1 String Sound (String Ensemble).
  • 7 Sequences (Rhythmic, Gated, Pulse).
  • 15 Pads (Bright, Ambient, Classic, Evolving).
  • 2 Key Sounds (Plucked).

Radiance is available to purchase for 9.50 EUR at the Arovane store.