Artisan Audio has launched another cocktail of soulful electronic sounds with Midnight Future House & Bass, a selection of over 200 loops and 200 one shots showcasing the best House beats with a soulful modern twist.

Artisan Audio Midnight Future House & Bass

The pack comes with dance-inducing grooves, soulful vocal chops, interesting melodics, string arrangements, thumping subs, and modulating synths.

The drum loops in this pack are a real stand out. Artisan offers 80 original beats (all at 128BPM) to get you going on your next production. They seamlessly flow together allowing you lots of options when you feel like switching up the groove. Our aim when creating these loops was to make each one stand up on its own. Each loop has been intricately developed with specific drum samples to provide an upbeat and contemporary sound whilst evoking those classic lo-fi house and garage vibes. Again, Artisan provide the individual drum shots to create your own versions.

An eclectic mix of melodics will also be discovered within this pack. These range from garage influenced keyboard riffs/stabs and modulating pads to soaring arps, and emotional string arrangements. Available in three different keys and with a range of exciting one-shots, Artisan gives you freedom in the genre to create something fresh. Alongside these come a mixture of honey coated vocal chops which fit together with the melodics like a musical jigsaw. These will either become the hook for your next track or work effectively as vibrant and colourful background element. Don’t forget to check out the pitched down versions for variation.

The bass loops provided are specifically designed to match the melodics in the pack and include a range of subs, arps, garage riffs, 808s, and side-chained growls. You’ll find that these naturally form the foundation of your mix, but also stand out on their own. Prepare to get bouncing with these riffs and expect nostalgic feels coursing through your veins!

Midnight Future House & Bass is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Artisan Audio