ArtsAcoustic Reverb VST/AU

ArtsAcoustic Reverb has been updated to v1.1 and is now also available in AU (Audio Unit) format.

ArtsAcoustic Reverb is a high quality reverb for everyday use in a professional studio. This plugin is (unlike the current trend) a highly advanced, but easy to use algorithmic reverb, so no convolution is involved.

Why no convolution? Several issues made us believe that there is a need for algorithmic reverbs, such as having full control not only over a few, but all important parameters which are needed to design a room to perfect results.

New in v1.1

  • native AU version
  • faster native algorithms
  • additional 64 bit processing mode
  • “autoload” preset

fixes in v1.1

  • crackling when running the plugin with 48kHz external samplerate
  • black screen on opening the GUI
  • no sound without opening the GUI
  • error message on host exit

ArtsAcoustic Reverb is available for Windows XP (VST) and Mac OS X (AU, VST). Check the Arts Acoustic site for more information.