Arturia has announced availability of the KeyStep 37, a controller that combines a flexible 37-note keyboard with intuitive sequencing, instant chord generation and creative real-time MIDI controls.

Arturia KeyStep 37

KeyStep 37 features a velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed, complete with aftertouch and RGB LED feedback, while remaining lightweight and compact.

KeyStep 37 is designed to be put in control. An accessible interface, a compact design and comprehensive connectivity make it the perfect centerpiece for your rig – whatever your needs.

Hook up your synth hardware with MIDI in/out. Control your favorite VST instruments with MIDI over USB. Use CV pitch, gate and mod connections for modular integration. Analog sync in/out keeps everything in time without hassle. The best bit? Use it all at the same time.

KeyStep 37 features

  • 37-note keyboard with velocity & aftertouch.
  • RGB LED keyboard indicators for note tracking.
  • 64-step sequencer with 8 patterns.
  • 8-note polyphony per step.
  • Step recording and live recording sequencer modes.
  • Mono and overdub recording options.
  • 8 mode arpeggiator with new random modes.
  • Chord mode offers 12 chord voicings included a user-defined chord.
  • Unique strum, velocity and note controls for Chord mode.
  • Scale mode lets you quantize the keyboard to a scale of your choice.
  • 5 scales to choose from, including a user-defined scale.
  • 16 assignable & adjustable MIDI CC controls.
  • USB, MIDI, CV and clock connectivity .
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite.

Shipping from September 15th, the KeyStep 37 is now available to preorder for 169 EUR / $199 USD excluding shipping.

More information: Arturia