Arturia has announced the release of an enhanced emulation of an iconic synth filter and distortion effect.

Filter MS-20 is modeled in detail with Arturia’s signature True Analog Emulation technology and enhanced with modern utilities and modulation options.

Filter MS-20 extracts the sonic character from an iconic instrument, with an edgy sound championed by The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, and countless others, and distills it into an enhanced go-to effect for creative mixing and radical sound exploration: make anything sound massive.

Filter MS-20 features

  • Punchy filter, edgy distortion: Sculpt your sounds with the same howling filter sweeps, crushing bass, and wild distortion that put Filter MS-20’s namesake synth on the map.
  • Modern enhancements: Filter MS-20 lets you modulate and animate its virtual circuitry, reroute its filter and distortion sections, and explode the stereo width of any sound thanks to modernized features.
  • Simple to use: Energize any sound in seconds with a knob-per-function interface, macro-style controls for quick sweeping changes, and deep sound design controls just a click away.
  • Your mix, your style: Filter MS-20’s sound is famous for French house, industrial metal, techno, and beyond. With its crunchy, powerful, ultra-fat sound in your DAW, you can decide what’s next.

Regularly 99 EUR/USD, all users can enjoy the gnarly character of Filter MS-20 for free until January 2nd, 2023. The plugin is available for download on the Arturia Software Center and from the Arturia website, as well as at distributor Plugin Boutique.