Arturia has announced availability of a firware update for the KeyStep Pro controller and sequencer designed to be the brains behind your musical operation.

Arturia KeyStep Pro feat

Firmware update v1.3 takes the controller’s intelligence and versatility a step further with numerous improvements, fixes, and intuitive enhancements.

The latest update is focused on providing an immediate, uninterrupted workflow.

Changes in KeyStep Pro v1.3

  • MIDI channels per project: You can now determine specific tracks’ output MIDI channels per project, for easy navigation of multiple MIDI devices in performances and sessions.
  • MIDI input enhancements: MIDI In information has also been expanded so that pitch wheel, mod wheel and sustain messages are transmitted to their respective tracks/channels.
  • Expanded Mod CV functions: The individual Mod CV outputs can now send data using either the velocity, aftertouch, or modwheel output values.
  • Transpose refinements: Transpose now also applies to arpeggios currently playing, and Transpose Compensation keeps newly-recorded notes in key with the sequence when transpose is cleared.
  • Tie / Rest behavior: The Tie / Rest button’s functionality has been improved to allow extending steps in a more intuitive and familiar way.
  • Workflow upgrades: Expanded workflow functions, including improved Quick Editing, instantly switching drum mutes off, streamlined page erasing, intuitive note overlapping, and more.
  • Streamlined utility functions: Updated essential utility functions, including Factory Reset, MIDI channel shortcuts, refined screen & LED visual feedback, and much more.
  • Various bug fixes: Based on user feedback and extensive testing, number of functions have has improved to make KeyStep Pro more reliable and efficient.

The firmware update is available from the Arturia MIDI Control Center.

More information: Arturia