Arturia has introduced a new addition to its third generation of MIDI controllers alongside the recently updated MiniLab 3.

Redefining the essence of the accessible keyboard controller with simple workflow-focused design, bold new creative features, and a hugely expanded software bundle including Analog Lab V, KeyLab Essential mk3 offers the next-level DAW control and tactile creative freedom that today’s musicians and producers need.

KeyLab Essential mk3 is the focused, accessible keyboard controller designed to deliver a more personal and enjoyable music-making workflow than ever before.

Musicians & producers can control any DAW or MIDI hardware with the most essential controls at their fingertips, the most creative features at their disposal, and the most inspiring musical software included as standard.

KeyLab Essential mk3 features

  • An upgraded workflow for modern music making: Users can get hands-on with projects and freely explore their sound with encoders, faders, pads, and more, with customizations and creative features only ever a button away. Upgrades include a bigger display with contextual buttons and 2 multi-purpose pad banks.
  • Next-level DAW & Arturia integration: KeyLab Essential mk3 features custom DAW scripts for Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, and Bitwig Studio, plus familiar MCU & HUI compatibility – meaning it can control literally any DAW. It also offers enhanced integration with Arturia software like Analog Lab, V Collection, and more.
  • Inspire new ideas: KeyLab Essential goes far beyond a controller; users can create quick-fire melodies with the Arpeggiator; play chord voicings with a single key with Chord play; stay locked in tune thanks to Scale mode; and customize their pedal functions with a 3-mode input.
  • Eco-designed: Built with minimum 40% recycled plastic and a material carbon footprint reduction of 18%, KeyLab Essential mk3 follows in the footsteps of MiniLab 3 as a controller designed with sustainability in mind.
  • The finest production & beat making software included: KeyLab Essential mk3 brings a vastly expanded package of creative software for modern music production, giving users everything they need to create full, massive-sounding tracks.

With a choice of black or white finishes to suit users’ individual styles and setups, KeyLab Essential mk3 is available in 49 and 61-note configurations for 199 EUR/USD and 249 EUR/USD, respectively.

More information: Arturia