Arturia has announced that the critically acclaimed V Collection 7 anthology of software instruments is now available to trial for free, without restrictions, until June 4th, 2019.

Arturia V Collection Free Trial

To promote the recent release of its flagship software bundle, Grenoble-based developers Arturia will allow all musicians, producers, and music fans alike to experience all of its award-winning virtual instruments.

Before this offer, all of Arturia’s software instruments could be used on a time-limited free trial, but the experience was capped to 20 minutes. Now, for the first time, Arturia will allow all users to experience all 24 instruments from its award-winning V Collection 7 bundle with no restrictions until the end of May.

Not only does this free trial of V Collection 7 include classics like Mini V, Prophet V, CS-80 V, and DX7 V, it also includes the 3 groundbreaking new instruments Mellotron V, CZ V, and Synthi V, as well as unadulterated access to Synthopedia: 800 cutting edge new sounds, pushing the limits of these incredible iconic synths.

V Collection 7 is available from Arturia and distributor Plugin Boutique.