Arturia has announced the release of SYNDRUMS Vol.1, a free collection of 4 totally new kits for Spark.

The Syndrum kits deliver all the warmth and punch of the hottest analog circuits by exploiting the power of the TAE® modules.

Combined with the tweaking possibilities of Spark’s controller, these kits will bring extreme flexibility to your beat sessions and will make your tracks stand out!

SYNDRUMS Vol.1 features

  • PHATWERK: Phatwerk is a huge sounding kit built upon the structure of a modular drum synthesizer. Every parameter from waveshape to noise and filter sweep is accessible to help you shape fat bass drums, punchy snares, smooth hi hats… To make it even more complete for your sequencing needs, the Phatwerk also integrates 5 different melodic synthesizers which are fully tweakable.
  • MICROMATIX : Micromatix is a minimal sounding beatbox of soviet inspiration that fits perfectly the Electro, Minimal, IDM and Nu-disco genres. Crispy and dirty percussions are blended with laser toms and synths, bringing a superb retrofuturistic feel. If you are looking for raw analog drums and sci-fi effects, this unit will bring you plenty of fun!
  • PULSATOR : Pulsator is a sophisticated hybrid drum machine delivering in-your-face dynamics. It uses sampled pulse waves to generate acoustic-styled attacks, and processes them through virtual analog modules to beef the signal up. Its sharp attacks, solid low end, and warm presence will nicely cut through the mix of any modern Hip Hop or Electro track.
  • DIRTY-909 : Our beloved TR-909 analog emulation just went under the knife of a crazy scientist… The result of his heavy bend : a way more agressive tone, ultra-heavy audio pressure and raspy tonal possibilities. Be warned, the Dirty-909 is not for the faint-hearted!

SYNDRUMS Vol.1 is a free download from Arturia.

More information: Arturia