Loopmasters has released LP24’s latest sample pack Ascension Drum n Bass, an elevated sound collection that aims to take drum and bass tracks to new heights.

Ascension Drum n Bass includes 220 bleeding-edge loops and one-shot sounds. Discover evolving and pulsating deep FM bass loops, articulated kinetic drum sequences, and a mix of synth beasts, horns, impacts, resonant tones, sweepers, and unique sonic ambiences to fill in your productions. Also included are kick, snare, hi-hat, and percussion one-shot samples to load into your samplers and sequencers. Ascension Drum n Bass is an expansive set of raw sonic power. A true balance of tactile rhythm meets open tonalities.

The pack is priced £19.95 GBP. Also available is Ambient Moods 2, featuring a fresh batch of refined atmospherics next to cutting edge sonics.

In Ambient Moods 2 you’ll access 549 WAV files, totaling 2.63GB of absolute inspiration. All of this is organized into 5 full song construction kits, plus additional bonus oneshot folders for drums, bass, and chords. Each song kit features its own breathtaking selection of long loops and precise oneshots. Sounds found in Ambient Moods 2 include: drums, melodies, bass, chords, pads, piano, violin, viola, voice, shakers, atmospheres, bells, noise, strums, reverses, whooshes, flutes, percussion, foley, synths, and more.

Ambient Moods 2 is available from Loopmasters for £25.95 GBP.

More information: LP24 Audio