Isotonik Studios has introduced a collection of distorted and crushed sounds for Ableton Live.

ASP8UF contains 72 aggressive, distorted, noisy and compressed 72 sounds that were hand selected from User Friendly’s library of designed sounds.

This sound pack does not include traditional kick drums, snares, pads or basslines, but with any sound, those elements can be found within or created by using these samples. User Friendly’s approach to sound design is not one that could be described as careful or scientific. Largely the approach is based on one rule: Process and re process.

Many of the sounds are sampled from hardware synthesizers, processed in the DAW, then exported to hardware samplers where they are processed again and resampled. This workflow of creating, breaking apart, stiching back together, and breaking again can happen many times until it can become very difficult to say what a sound is or where it came from. Instead, an intricate network of complex sounds begins to create itself from the pieces.

Available for Ableton Live 11, the pack is on sale for the intro price of £10 GBP for a limited time (regular£15 GBP).

More information: Isotonik Studios