Atom Hub has announced the release of three new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Atom Hub Drumming Fire

Drumming Fire sound library for NI Kontakt.

New Atom Hub libraries

  • Drumming Fire – Make weird rhythms from sampled fire, crackling, buring wood, or a fireplace itself – Wood chunks, iron broach, banister, barbecue shovel. 368 MB / 29 nki’s.
  • Snow And Ice – Snowy and icy sounds… footsteps, ice throws, slides, stabbings, as well as winter creek ambiences. 166 MB / 33 nki’s.
  • Wine Glass – Two wine glasses, 40 different sets, up to 7x round robin, pips, strokes, clashes, fingertips, knuckles, stick. 99 MB / 40 nki’s.

The sound libraries are available to purchase for 5 EUR each.

More information: Atom Hub