Ghostly Drones Vol. 1

Metal Works Vol. 1

Atom Splitter Audio has released 2 new free sample packs.

Ghostly Drones Vol. 1 adds a paranormal atmosphere to your music with these sci-fi/horror like sounding drones and pad sounds.
There are 10 royalty free samples in the pack so enough to make a whole ambient track also. The samples are .wav and the size is ~6.8MB

Metal Works Vol. 1 is a collection of 21 Metallic sounds, perfect for IDM and experimental music and the hits are a interesting thing to try layering with your beats to make them more original and interesting.

The pack contains .wav audio samples and is royalty free, the size of the pack is ~8.0MB.

Visit Atom Splitter Audio for more information and links to download Ghostly Drones Vol. 1 and Metal Works Vol. 1.