Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation Plus

Atom Splitter Audio has released version 1.3 of the gate effect plug-in G8-R, and version 1.1 of Pulsation Plus, the advanced pulsewave synth for Windows PC.


  • G8-R/Pulsation Plus: 3 new vintage filters added.
  • G8-R: Midi can now be recieved by midi in mode using a selected device, where as before a connection in was required which is not so common with some hosts for effects, a input is still available also if you want to use a midi plugin etc to control G8-R.
  • Pulsation Plus: The gate was updated to reset/sync to midi notes.
  • Pulsation Plus: Midi added to LFO Mode, this uses the incoming midi to control the speed of the lfo.

Visit Atom Splitter Audio for more information and links to download demo versions of G8-R and Pulsation Plus.