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Atom Splitter Audio has released 4 free sample packs.

Household Percussion Volume2: The second volume of one shot hits recorded from around the house, they are great for layering with drums in your music to make a more unique and original sound beat and also great for IDM and experimental tracks. (size 2.14MB)

Quick Pads And Leads Volume1: A collection of 15 quick pads and lead sounds including ambient, retro and heavy sounds which can be used in range of different types of music. (size 6.24MB)

Subs And Basses Volume1: A selection of different basses that can be useful for many styles of music production, they range from quick to long and soft to heavy. (9.00MB)

Subs And Basses Volume2: The second in the series of basses and subs, a variety of different sounds great for lots of different types of music from hiphop to drum n bass. (size 9.48MB)

All these sample packs are royalty free and samples are in .wav format.

Visit Atom Splitter Audio for more information and links to download these sample packs.