Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation Lite

Atom Splitter Audio has released Pulsation Lite and Pulsation Plus, two pulse wave synthesis VSTi plug-ins for Windows PC.

Pulsation Lite allows you to explore pulse wave synthesis in a simple and easy to use manner, included are tuning, pulse width, effects and modulation options to further shape the sounds, although limited to pulse wave synthesis you can create a wide range of sounds and it is free so give it a try and see if you find it useful.

Pulsation Lite features

  • 4 pulse-waves each with LFO and ENV modulation options with visual graph for waveform shape
  • 4 stage ADSR amplitude envelope with visual graph for envelope shape
  • Keytracking filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject, and peaking configurations
  • 4 stage ADSR filter envelope with visual graph for envelope shape
  • Tempo-syncable sine, saw, square, triangle, or noise LFO to modulate filter and pulse-widths
  • Multi-effect delay, chorus, and distortion each with toggles and mix knobs
  • Easy 1 knob velocity adjustment and modulation wheel amount adjustment
  • Pitchbend range from -12 to +12 steps
  • Tune from -5 to +5 octaves and 12 semi-tones per octave adjustment

The presets in Pulsation Lite were done by DJ-Puissance, Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound, Grymmjack and Atomsplitter.

Visit the Pulsation Lite page to download the free Pulsation Lite.

Pulsation Plus is the big brother of Pulsation Lite. It has more advanced options and includes a sound bank of 64 presets by Pro-Sounds.

Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation Plus

Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation Plus – includes more advanced options

Pulsation Plus features

  • All the features from Pulsation Lite
  • Bank of 64 presets from Pro-Sounds
  • Randomizer
  • View of the pulse output
  • Moog, Vintage and Formant filter modes
  • S+H (Sample And Hold) LFO mode
  • Tempo sync option for the delay
  • Global effects mix amount and bypass
  • Single or Stereo trance gate with sync
  • Control readout section

Pulsation Plus is available now for only $15.99.

Visit the Pulsation Plus page for more details and a link to purchase it.