Aubit has released Chain-Pop Vol. 1, a collection of Serum presets and noises, drum samples and loops, MIDI loops, guitar loops, Ableton projects and more.

The team behind best-selling packs ‘Gray Vol. 1’, ‘ODESSA Vol. 1 & 2’ and ‘Plume Vol. 1’ are back with their biggest and most versatile pack.

Aubit Chain Pop Vol 1

Artists like The Chainsmokers have bridged the gap between Pop and Future Bass in a beautiful way. Combining all of the elements of EDM that we know and love with genius pop songwriting and music theory. We’ve captured every aspect of that marriage of genres with this exciting new pack.

Firstly, we made 60 Serum presets modelled off of the biggest hit-singles, feel-good melodic anthems and hard-hitting Future-Pop drops of the last few years. We also set out to create sounds that top 50 artists would want for their next releases. So this pack is essential for any producer looking to grow in their own style, and break free from all of the noise in the Future Bass and Pop scenes. With the click of a button you can blend each and every sound in this style-bending pack to create something brand new that no other producer currently has in their catalog. Presets include; basses, brasses, leads, pianos, keys, chords, synths, plucks, vocals, FX and more! We also made 17 brand-new killer Serum noise samples for this pack, so trust us when you say you won’t find these sounds anywhere else.

The need for good-quality and genre-specific drum sounds is often overlooked by many producers. Which is why we’ve made 85 Drum Samples and 15 Drum Loops for this pack. The Chainsmoker’s drums are a hybrid of recorded acoustic drums and programmed EDM samples. We think that that hybrid is a welcome change in the EDM scene, so we’ve added our touch to it and custom-made: 10 kicks, 10 snares, 35 percs, 15 toms, and 15 hi-hats. We also crafted 15 drum loops out of these one-shots for the times when you just need finished drum loops instantly. These drums are a must-have for every modern producer, they make what is usually a bread and butter component of production into a fresh new source of vibes.

Next up we set out to create a warm and modern guitar tone that producers could use in any writing session or production. We recorded 52 loops (28 chord loops and 24 melody loops) that are instantly usable. Drop any of these loops into your DAW, add our drums and then let your creative flow takeover! All guitar loops are key and bpm labelled.

We didn’t stop there – when you download this pack you also get 35 of our best ever MIDI loops! These chord sequences, melodies and bass lines are another great starting point for your next production. All MIDI loops are key and bpm labelled.

To top it all off, we’ve brought the content of this pack together into 3 killer Ableton projects, so you can see exactly how this new Future Bass / Pop hybrid comes together, and reverse engineer what we’ve created! Take a listen to parts 2, 3 and 5 of the demo song for an idea of what these projects contain.

Chain-Pop Vol. 1 is available for £25.95 GBP.

Also available is Broox Bounce, a collection of 50 Serum presets, vocal chops and Ableton Live project.

Aubit Broox Bounce

Artists like Brooks, Mike Williams and Justin Mylo are revolutionising the 128bpm-based house scene with the emerging sub genre of ‘Future Bounce’. At the core of this genre is some of the best sound-design the EDM world has ever seen, so we set out to capture as much of that as we could across 50 killer serum presets and 25 beautiful vocal chops.

The serum presets include Basses, Chords, Leads, Plucks, FX, Pianos, Synths and Vox patches. All of which create the complete palette for writing Future Bounce tracks. It was clear from studying their sound design that they use a lot of layering for their sounds, so we’ve unpacked the complexity of that and arranged the presets into easy-to-use sets that work seamlessly together.

The vocal chops are a perfect starting point, they strike an instant creative spark and provide the melodic good that every Future Bounce track needs.

Broox Bounce costs £19.95 GBP.

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