Audec has released its latest audio plugin Clap, a handclap synthesizer that is based on the TR-808 circuit configuration.

Clap enables you to easily adjust the number and the amplitude envelope of handclaps. The plugin features a scope which displays the amplitude envelope, and it includes a bandpass filter and stereo width adjustment.

The recent Extra Pan is a panning effect that places the sound outside of speakers.

With the normal panning, if you pan hard left, the sound appears to arrive from the position of the left speaker. With Extra Pan, you can place the sound further outside.

Extra Pan outputs the phase-inverted signal from the opposite side speaker. For example, if the sound is placed further outside of the left speaker, a phase-inverted signal is output from the right speaker.

If the sound is converted to mono, the left and right sound interfere, and the sound becomes smaller or disappears completely. For this reason, the out-of-speakers technique should be applied to the less important instruments for a short time.

Also released recently is Transient, a transient shaping effect that adjusts the dynamics of percussive sounds.

Transient can make the attack part of the sound punchy or soft, and the release part fat or tight.

All three plugins are available in VST/AU formats for Windows and Mac, priced $7 USD each. A free lite version of Transient is available to download.

More information: Audec

Audec Clap, Extra Pan, and Transient