Audec has launched its new audio plugin Spread Delay, a ping-pong style multi-tap delay effect for Mac.

Audec Spread Delay

It produces delayed sounds that gradually spread from the center to the left and right.

Spread Delay features

  • Scope shows pan position of each dry and delayed sounds with adjustable pan position and spread/width.
  • Adjustable delay time and decay rate with time and note modes.
  • Low pass and high pass filters (delayed signal). Single- or multi-stage, with 6dB/Octave and 12dB/Octave slope types.
  • Mixer to balance between the dry signal and delayed signal, and the output level.

Spread Delay is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Mac OS 10.11 or newer (64-bit). It costs $7 USD.

More information: Audec