Audiaire has launched an Easter Sale with a 30% discount on all of its plugins, sound expansions and bundles.

Audiaire Easter Sale

At the heart of Zone is a powerful parameter sequencer that allows virtually every control to be assigned to and modified by its own independent sequencer lane, with unlimited lanes, each running at their own unique rate and number of steps.

Nuxx is a powerful multi-FX processor with dedicated parameter sequencer and 30 effects types. Explore limitless possibilities by modifying each effect parameter in its own independent sequencer lane, on one screen. Choose from filters, delay, reverb, distortion, pitch shift, bit crusher, phaser, chorus, ring mod and more.

Zenith is an advanced MIDI processor that allows any continuous controllers in a device to be modified by an independent sequencer lane, with each lane running at a unique rate and number of steps. Take control of hardware and software instruments like never before. Unlock and hack functionality. Write patterns and design sound with unparalleled flexibility.

Built exclusively for Ableton 10, Koda is a versatile Max device allowing any Drum or Instrument Rack’s macros to be creatively controlled on a multi-functional sequencer. Take full control of Drum and Instrument Racks like never before. Write patterns and automate sequences with unparalleled flexibility.

Expansion packs and bundles are also 30% off during the sale. The offer expires April 18th, 2020.

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