Audible Genius has announced a new innovative e-learning platform that builds on the award-winning ear-training formula pioneered in Syntorial.

Designed to function like the familiar DAW environment of today’s music-making software, the web app allows new and existing producers to develop their abilities in composition and beatmaking.

“I’m very excited about,” said CEO Joe Hanley.

“After teaching thousands of people around the world how to program synthesizers by ear with Syntorial, this is the next step. Our vision is to offer interactive courses covering the full spectrum of computer oriented music production skills.”

The first course to launch on the platform is Building Blocks 1.

Scheduled for release on August 21st, the new course allows aspiring music producers to learn how to compose songs and make beats, right in their browser. It utilizes the same ear-training approach that made its predecessor Syntorial so successful.

During 94 interactive lessons, users recreate drum patterns, basslines and chord progressions by only using their hearing. They receive immediate feedback so they can keep improving. After completing the course, they are able to create a wide variety of musical elements in their DAW of choice.

The first four lessons of Building Blocks 1 are free to try and are available now.

The full version of the course will be available on August 21st and will cost $14.99 USD per month. No equipment is required, just a Mac or PC with a web browser. Only Chrome and Opera are supported at this time. Support for more devices and browsers coming soon.

More information: Audible Genius