Audified has announced the latest edition of its software designed to help you check reference mixing with ease.

MixChecker Ultra comes with a total of 90 simulated pro-audio and consumer devices, a dashing new graphic style, and a practical analytical part.

Choose from 90+ device simulations of the most famous and popular audio devices. Includes up-to-date consumer devices such as laptops, phones, or earbuds. Try the sound profile of the industry-standard studio monitors and headphones. Check how your mix translates in cars, club PAs’, or small Bluetooth speakers. You also have the ability to check your mixes in real-world noisy environments such as subways, noisy streets, shopping malls, and others.

With MixChecker Ultra, you can import your custom Imuplse Response. You can check how your mix would sound in popular acoustic spaces, your friend’s studio, or even a cathedral. (Supports standard WAV IR files)

To understand better how your mix translates on the devices, easily adjust the settings of each device. Adjust the volume of each device independently or set the simulation stereo base to match the real-world conditions better. Our engine also considers the non-linear behavior of the devices and simulates their distortion and clipping. You can easily turn on the distortion and see if your mix would clip or distort on the selected devices.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX), MixChecker Ultra is available to purchase for $149 USD at Plugin Boutique and at the Audified store.

Owners of MixChecker Pro can upgrade to MixChecker Ultra for $39 USD.