Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the ToneSpot Pro series by Audified, a collection of all-in-one mixing plugins, each of them created to represent the whole processing chain needed for mixing a particular instrument.

With this series, you literally won’t need anything else to mix any contemporary track. Every ToneSpot Pro features eight to ten powerful modules plus Audified’s proprietary AGC input and output sections (Automatic Gain Control). These modules represent the mixing workflow regarding the instrument, and the signal is fed through them in series from left to right. Each module of each ToneSpot can be turned ON and OFF separately.

Mix chains can get complicated pretty quickly. Especially in today’s musical environment when everything is supposed to sound big, full and present. But there is a more effective solution! With the ToneSpot technology, you can minimize the number of plug-ins you use, while maintaining the highest sound quality possible.

The Pro versions of ToneSpot Voice, Acoustic, Drum, Bass, and Electric are on sale for $69 USD each. The bundle of all ToneSpot Pro plugins is $199 USD during the promotion. The offer expires September 4th, 2022.

More information: Audified