Audified has released version 2.4 of inTone Solo, a free live VST/AU host software.

Audified inTone2 Solo

inTone 2 Solo, the lite version of inTone 2, is a live VST/AU host that gives you opportunity to mix one playback channel with one stereo audio channel processing your audio interface input and with virtual instruments track.

inTone 2 Solo also offers Aux track and a Master track. The application for Windows and Mac OS X allows you to record at any point of the signal chain (i.e. you can record processed and clean signals on the same track).

Changes in inTone Solo v2.4

  • inTone 2 reliability significantly improved.
  • inTone 2 supports motorised faders.
  • Applications or documents can be assigned to presets.
  • inTone can send MIDI commands and notes to the external hardware.
  • Chain libraries, factory templates and presets added.

inTone Solo 2 is a free download for Windows and Mac.

Audified has also announced MixChecker, an emulation tool for checking the sound of your mixes on various speakers and devices.

We are preparing a new tool that will help you to get better mixes. Guess what it is going to do. MixChecker will be available very soon.

More information: Audified / inTone Solo