Plugin Boutique has introduced its latest Exclusive Bundles+ title, the Audio Annihilation Bundle. This collection of plugins aims to help you distort, destroy and degrade your audio.

Featuring multi-effects for analogue and digital destruction as well as bit-rate reduction and playback reversing, the Audio Annihilation Bundle is capable of giving you dirty inspiration, from vintage worn-out warming to creative sound design to all-out sonic disintegration.

iZotope Trash 2 combines the power of multi-band and dual-stage distortions as well as impulse responses and advanced post-filtering for immediate sonic transformation.

Freakshow Industries’ Backmask gives you tempo-synced, millisecond precise reversing, to twist and warp your audio into unthinkable mutations.

Audio Damage Kombinat Tri is a complete toolbox designed for sonic warfare. Consisting of three distortion engines and a complete top-to-bottom rebuild of Audio Damage’s popular Kombinat series.

The Audio Annihilation Bundle is available exclusively at Plugin Boutique for a limited time only, priced $69 USD (regular value $168 USD).

More information: Plugin Boutique