Audio Boost

Audio Boost has recently launched its website, offering DJ drops, voicetags & other production tools.

We offer a wide range of products and services including personalized dj drops, producer voicetags, drumkits, vocal kits, sound loops, vst expansion packs and much more. We always make sure that all our products come with the highest grade of industry quality you can get out there. If you are looking to take your music to the next level – Audio Boost is definitely the perfect supplier to run with. Step your game up and give your mixtapes and productions the professional and unique touch they need.

Get your own personalized dj drops or voicetags now. You can choose from a broad variety of professional voices, which will make your drops sound different. We have an excellent rooster of professional voice actors in our team, which will fit your personal desires. Either you want it simple and clean, with just a nice voice or totally freaked/hyped out, with all kinds of effects on it. We are ready to work with your ideas. Give us your input and we are ready to get you what you are looking for. Get your boost today!

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