Audio Clay Productions Funk Organ

Audio Clay Productions has announced the release of Funk Organ, a loop set that gives you all the tastiest blues and funk riffs you need to produce your own rock anthems or funky jams.

With 58 MIDI files and 174 pre-rendered .wav files, professionally performed in 8 bar loops, you’ll be able drop into your DAW everything from jamming chords and tasty runs, to wild organ chop and slide effects.

These loops, fills and effects were designed to allow you to quickly create or enhance original compositions with an organic and rhythmic organ feel. Insert any virtual instrument to come up with a multitude of musical options. Slice up the audio files and modify or transpose the MIDI riffs to create an endless combination of Funk Organ backing tracks. Buy Funk Organ today and give your tracks the funk they deserve.

Funky Organ features

  • 8 bar grooves.
  • MIDI files rendered as Wave files in key of E (24bit/48khz).
  • Audio BPM 90, 105, and 120.
  • Shuffle and Straight variations.
  • Major and Minor keys.
  • Organ type FX and Fills.
  • Wave files rendered without reverb.

The sound library is available to purchase for $20 USD at Crabwalk Studios.

More information: Crabwalk Studios