Audio Damage announces Ricochet


Audio Damage has announced Ricochet, a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use multi-tap delay, with the signature Audio Damage sound.

Audio Damage Ricochet

From the product page:

Featuring a 16-step grid for programming tap time, Ricochet is right at home in modern electronic music production, designed specifically for that context, and is much quicker to program than the run-of-the-mill multi-tap.

Ricochet features

  • Five independently controllable taps with individual multi-mode filter, panning, level, sync, mute, solo, and time.
  • Unique dual-filter model for overall tone control.
  • Two feedback modes (master and tap).
  • A specially designed chorus that affects only the taps, for feedback smearing effects.
  • Tempo-sync or free time operation per tap and overall.
  • Full MIDI learn for CC control of every parameter (VST only).

Ricochet will shortly be available for Windows PC and Mac (VST/AU) for $49 USD.

Visit Audio Damage for more information and audio demos.

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Apparently,Audio Damage must have a loyal following because they don’t offer demos of their products. Listening to Audio clips that may have nothing to do with the style of music you produce, is lame, for a lack of a better way to put it at this moment. The importance of having a demo is to allow you to test a plugin in your Daw/s to see if any conflicts exist. Some vst’s crash certain host or may simply not work in your Daw. Unfortunately,you can only find out these things after making a purchase and not beforehand! Most plugin makers… Read more »

digital lofi
digital lofi

Yeah. I’ll buy anything AD puts out if it seems like it will be useful. I don’t own everything they’ve done, but Dr. Device and Replicant are the balls, and Vapor/Liquid/Fluid are subtle but really useful for all kinds of tasks – and I generally use flangers and chorus almost never.

Between the reasonable price (most companies would bleed you for what you’re getting from AD) and the return policy, I don’t think you can fault ’em for not wanting to support demos.

This looks very useful, and, as always, the GUI is brilliant.

Yeah, I’m a fan.


Ok, I see the light!That return policy is unheard of.
Now, it makes far more sense why someone would blindly pay $50 without a test run.Thanks for the info.