Audio Damage has announced the release of Sequencer 1, a full-featured CV/gate sequencer for the Eurorack modular synthesis system.

Our goal, when creating Sequencer 1, was to make the most sophisticated sequencer for Eurorack, and we believe we’ve achieved that goal.

The complete feature list of Sequencer 1 is too long for this e-mail. Highlights include 1V/Oct and Hz/Volt operation for control of virtually all vintage and modern non-MIDI equipment, SD card (on back of unit) for storage and extremely simple firmware updates, ratcheting and Replicant-style repeats available from the front panel, three (!) tempo-synced LFOs with over 20 waveforms, up to 64 steps per pattern, and multiple modulation targets.

We are incredibly proud of this, our flagship product, and have an update roadmap for some absolutely ludicrous features.

Sequencer 1 is available for purchase for $699 USD.

More information: Audio Damage

Audio Damage Sequencer 1