Audio Ease has released Speakerphone, a speaker simulator plug-in, with a host of environments to put them in.

Audio Ease Speakerphone

From the product page:

A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952 rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live room: Speakerphone gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

Just head over to the audio demos and hear for yourself how cool these speakers sound.

Speakerphone is powered by Altiverb. It features a wealth of effects including a radio receiver tuning dial, record player scratch and static generator, GSM cell phone data compression, distortion, tremolo, delay, a variety of EQ and dynamics, bit crushing, sample rate reduction, a full blown convolution reverb, and a library of samples to combine into entire environments.

Speakerphone features

  • 270 speaker impulse responses powered by Altiverb
  • 30 Altiverb rooms
  • 5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX
  • conveniently presented to you in 500 presets
Speakerphone interface

Speakerphone interface

Speakerphone is available for Windows (VST/RTAS) and Mac OS X (VST/RTAS/AU/AudioSuite/MAS), and costs 470.05 EUR (inc VAT).

Visit Audio Ease for more information, a demonstation video, and many audio demos.