Audio Impressions DVZ Strings

Audio Impressions has released version 2.0 of DVZ Strings, a virtual instrument featuring 70 string instruments.

Included are every possible playing style and effect for every instrument, not just for some. All possible combinations of ensembles and playing styles are available immediately upon launch, at your fingertips, with full automation capability.

Audio is sent to your Mac or PC sequencer via Gibabit Ethernet using our included proprietary AudioPort technology. SPACE, also included, allows you to adjust to any size room and place individual players anywhere within the virtual environment.

New in DVZ v2.0

  • Digital audio via Gigabit Ethernet to replace costly I/O.
  • Individual stereo outputs for each string section provide mixing flexibility.
  • 10 Decca Tree room mic selections with 5 mic pattern choices.
  • Two-octave KBD controller option for replacing mouse and screen.
  • Re-mastered samples with optional microtonal scaling for world music.

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