Audio Mind Project Ultimate Expansion Vol. 3

Audio Mind Project has announced the release of Ultimate Expansion Vol. 3: Fantasiology, a soundset featuring 170 sounds for the LuSH-101 synthesizer instrument by D16 Group.

The new Volume 3: Fantasiology contains a variety of tasty, lush, deep, engaging sounds, from dreamy orchestral and pad sounds, through passionate leads and basses, to more dark and dirty presets.

Even more timbres are available thanks to intelligent modwheel and aftertouch assignments.

Also, for those who want to get the most of LuSH-101, a bundle of Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1-3 has been released, which consists of 500 sounds total.

Ultimate Expansion Vol. 3 and the new bundle are available at up to 40% off until April 6th, 2015.

More information: Audio Mind Project