Audio School Online has announced the release of Classic Compressors, a comprehensive online video tutorial that demystifies and demonstrates the power of compressor plugins.

Audio School Online Classic Compressors

Musicians, engineers, and producers can now learn the tonal differences and reactions between some of the most famous and distinguished software compressors on the market today.

The extensive research that went into making this new, 82-minute video tutorial of “Classic Compressors” ensures that users will receive a fantastic tutorial that will help them learn to define and hear the art of plugin compression, using 11 different models of software compressors and showing 5 different compression types, including: Optical, FET, Bridge-Diode, Vari-Mu and VCA.

In “Classic Compressors”, Ken Lewis shows the incredible variations in character that make these the most sought-after, time tested classics, comparing and contrasting the most famous modeled compressor plug-ins on the market. Musicians will be able to absorb the differences in style and sound from each of the classic compressors and how they react to vocals, drums, instruments, and the mix bus. Musicians will also learn different techniques and styles of compression used by mix engineers of popular genres like hip-hop, pop and rock.

Famous Compressor Limiters covered in Classic Compressors: 1176 (7 different 1176 models from UAD, IK Multimedia and more), LA2A (6 different LA2A models from UAD, IK Multimedia and more), UAD LA3A, UAD TubeTech CL1B, UAD Fairchild 660, UAD Manley Vari-Mu, UAD DBX 160, WAVES KramerPie, UAD SSL E Channel, WAVES API 2500, UAD Neve 33609.

Compression Types covered in “Classic Compressors”: FET, VCA, VariMu, Optical, Bridged Diode.

Additional PDFs are included as downloads for valuable quick reference guides: Attack / Release time Charts for all compressors, 1176 comparisons & LA2A comparisons, Ken’s summary thoughts on the audio examples.

Interested customers may watch the first 9 minutes of the video tutorial for free and decide if they want to purchase the full 82-minute lesson from The download includes the video tutorial, PDF resource guides, and a full audio session with stems that can be used on any DAW (as well as a Pro Tools™ session). Musicians, engineers and producers can practice creating their own compression techniques and recreate the ones Ken teaches from the same mix session. They may also try the mix bus compression techniques on the stereo track of the song included and compare their mixes to Ken’s final version.

The Classic Compressors video tutorial is available for purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: Audio School Online / Classic Compressors