Audio-Technica has recently launched a compact, feature-rich desktop audio mixer equipped with all the functions needed for livestreaming.

Drawing upon Audio-Technic’s pro audio heritage, the The AT-UMX3 was designed and tested by top A-T engineers—the people behind innovative and award-winning microphones, such as the AT2020.

Featuring a high-performance A/D converter (up to 24-bit/192 kHz) and plug-and-play operation, the AT-UMX3 lets you connect to your computer or mobile device to easily produce professional-quality mixes.

The AT-UMX3 is the simple solution for feeding multiple audio sources into a stream. Connect a condenser or dynamic microphone (with XLR or ¼” plug), guitar, and keyboard into this handy, all-in-one interface, then use the intuitive controls and a pair of connected headphones to mix the audio from the mic and one instrument into a single stream. Your mix will be sent to your stream audience exactly as you hear it.

If you’re looking to incorporate background music, game sounds, or other audio into your stream, you’ll appreciate the mixer’s loopback switch, which automatically mixes sound from your computer with the live mic and instrument audio – and outputs the complete stereo mix back to the computer for streaming.

The AT-UMX3 livestreaming USB audio mixer is now available at a U.S. MAP price of $149 USD. It comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable and USB-A to USB-C adapter for hassle-free connectivity.

More information: Audio-Technica