Audiobits 6-Tron

Audiobits has released 6-Tron, an emulation of Roland’s TR-606 drum machine.

The TR-606 was and still is the perfect partner to the TB-303. Any aciiiid head can’t and shouldn’t be without a TR-606. The only downside to the 606 was it’s inability to tweak the sounds. This resulted in many mods being developed in order to have more control over the stock sounds.

Enter the Audiobits 6-Tron. The modified TR-606 emulation!

6-Tron features

  • Completely synthesized from scratch, following the 606 schematics and service notes.
  • Tweakable Parameters
    • Bassdrum – Level, Tune, Decay, Pitch Envelope.
    • Snaredrum – Level, Tune, Decay, Snappy.
    • Hi Tom – Level, Tune, Octave Switch, Pitch Envelope.
    • Lo Tom – Level, Tune, Octave Switch, Pitch Envelope.
    • Cymbal – Level, Decay, Cutoff.
    • Open HiHat – Level, Decay, Cutoff.
    • Closed HiHat – Level, Decay, Cutoff.

Audiobits 6-Tron is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC and can be downloaded for £18.99 GBP. Unfortunately there’s no demo version and I can’t find any audio demos so I don’t know how you’re supposed to know it’s any good…

Visit Audiobits for more information.