Audiobridge has announced an update to its audio mobile multi-track music collaboration software for iOS.

Version 1.5.23 of the audiobridge digital audio workstation brings Audio Effects, expanding a growing suite of features giving users powerful but simple-to-use tools that enhance recording experiences and bypass the clunky complexity of expensive desktop audio software.

audiobridge effects

After surveying musicians and audio engineers worldwide, audiobridge decided on four sonic staples to kick off their Audio Effects suite:

  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • Compression

Anyone familiar with audio software will recognize these as standard features to any sound recording studio — but audiobridge is redefining how music is created, and simplifying the process in a mobile-first, tech centric world.

Utilizing its intuitive, mobile- and tablet-only interface, audiobridge is infusing machine learning into the standard reverb, delay, EQ and compression offerings to not only simplify a user’s experience, but also to fit professional quality music into a handheld device. They are giving musicians a simple way to create music, and using artificial intelligence to handle the minute details.

“We have built a tool that guides musicians through music creation. It will be like having an audio engineer in your pocket,” says audiobridge founder and CEO, Matt Miller.

Though there are other companies utilizing machine learning and AI in desktop music software, no one is offering the tools audiobridge has delivered on exclusively the mobile and tablet interface. And most of audiobridge’s direct competitors are primarily focused on social media for musicians with a secondary emphasis on audio recording features. Meanwhile, audiobridge is keeping their music editing and recording tools front and center, with a goal of making them smarter and more intuitive.

Audiobridge is asking the question, why rent a recording studio or grapple with bulky digital recording software when an intuitive mobile app can produce the same result?

“Revolution comes from musicians, from the people,” Miller said. “We are breaking down the barriers of entry, making the process more accessible for all. We want to replace the 1,200-page Pro Tools user manual with a red record button.”

The audiobridge app is available to download from the App Store.

More information: Audiobridge