Audiobro has released Genesis, a Kontakt Player library featuring a 64 piece children’s choir, recorded in 4 part divisi.

Audiobro Genesis Childrens Choir

Built on Audiobro’s new orchestral engine, the library features discretely recorded Soprana Girls, Alto Girls, Soprano Boys and Alto Boys.

Genesis features

  • Polyphonic Real Legato and melisma.
  • New Audiobro engine supports Kontakt and NKS.
  • New Auto Divisi engine with all-in-1 patches.
  • Programmable Latin based phrases.
  • 3D Stage panner for all divisis/ensembles in a single patch.
  • New Look Ahead feature reduces tedious MIDI editing.
  • 4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far and Full Mix.
  • Multi dynamic recordings that are looped.
  • Over 30 phrase building syllables sung both staccato and sustained.
  • Prefix and Suffix pitchless articulations, easily combine pitchless articulations to vowels to create new words.
  • 100% recallable Mixer Insert Effects, create inspiring mixes that can be easily key switched.
  • Switcher, a new 100% user definable switching system that allows you to switch phrases, mixes, Auto Arranging preset with ease.
  • Over 50 high quality custom IRs to be used in the Stage engine in categories (Score, Hall, Church, Cathedral, Small, Effects).
  • Word Speed, either auto-speed or user definable playback speed of syllables.
  • Round Robin La Las.
  • Realtime Tuning effects, easily change in real-time each divisi’s tuning to create wonderful Aleatoric effects using only 1 control.
  • Delay & Humanization, a simple way to create even more inner-section humanization.
  • Effect Modulation with user assignable modulation sources (up to 4).
  • Komplete Kontrol support, seamlessly integrate with Native Instruments’ Kontrol hardware.
  • Pads, pre-mixed choir pads.
  • Sound design presets, effect chain presets (user changeable) that yield modern sound effects and synth sounds.
  • Automatic RAM management, only the samples used in your patch will be loaded.
  • Genesis was recorded in a large state-of-the-art studio using one of the most elite children’s choirs in Europe between the ages of 8 and 14.

Genesis for Kontakt Player 5.7 or later is on sale for the intro price of $299 USD for a limited time only (regular $399 USD).

More information: Audiobro

Audiobro Genesis Childrens Choir syllables