Audiofier has announced the release of AetherArp, a new ambient and cinematic soundscapes generator for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Audiofier Aetherarp

AetherArp is a 4 Sound Engines and Cloud Arpeggiator library for Kontakt 5.8.1 which creates evolving soundscapes, overtime mutating sounds, and ethereal/out-wordly moods that add movement and unpredictability to your ambient productions and filmscores.

AetherArp features

  • 2 Main Sound Layers, plus 2 Shimmer Layers.
  • 30 multi-sampled sound sources for each layer.
  • 150+ Snasphots Presets.
  • Endless sound combinations.
  • Evolving, unpredictable soundscapes.
  • All parameters can be randomised.
  • 4 Convolvers with 200+ Impulses Responses in 10 categories.
  • Pre and Post Convolver Distortion Effects, Chorus effect.
  • Master Delay and Reverb.
  • Cloud Arpeggiator with Randomizable Parameters.
  • Random generation of new Sounds and cloud arpeggiations.
  • Undo of last randomisation.

AetherArp is available for the intro price of $45 USD (regular $59 USD). Prices ex. VAT where applicable. Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, full version.

More information: Audiofier