Audiofile Engineering Backline MIDI

Audiofile Engineering has released Backline MIDI, a unique utility for MIDI users, especially anyone looking to monitor/send MIDI info in a live-performance environment.

Backline MIDI is a utility designed for fast, accurate MIDI troubleshooting in any setting.

Created by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, it’s an ideal tool for traveling techs and live engineers who need a convenient way to monitor or send MIDI information on the go.

Create a master clock for tempo and time-sync functions, monitor incoming MIDI messages across channels with detailed info, and much more, all with an intuitive, easy-to-read interface.

Backline MIDI features

  • Monitors
    • Status Board for monitoring MIDI messages including: Note On, Note Off, Aftertouch, Controller, Program Change, Pitch Wheel, Channel Pressure, Clock, Start, Timecode, Continue, Tick, Stop, Song Position, System Exclusive, Song Select, Active Sensing, Tune Request.
    • List (see message details such as channel and velocity).
    • Clock display.
    • Timecode display.
  • Generators
    • Click (send specified note on assigned channel at a given tempo).
    • Transport (send start/stop/continue messages).
    • Clock (send tempo).
    • Timecode (send timecode).

Backline MIDI for iOS 3.1 or later is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

Note: Full use of Backline MIDI requires the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer accessory with the latest firmware. Download the latest firmware with the newest version of MIDI Memo Recorder.

More information: Audiofile Engineering