Audiofile has announced the release of Myriad, a redesigned, next generation version of the Sample Manager batch processor.

Developed with feedback from professional users, Myriad includes modern features, a new workflow for a better user experience, and improved performance for today’s demanding audio processing needs.

Myriad sports a redesigned and intelligently organized interface. In addition to significant performance gains, Myriad integrates the world-class Goodhertz Good Dither and Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter.

“The new and improved actions in Myriad make it a substantially worthy upgrade and the new UI is great,” said TV and film composer/producer David Das. “This app has saved hundreds of thousands of hours. If I need to do something simple like sample-rate convert a file, I know Myriad can do it quickly and has the best algorithms.”

Over 100 Actions, or automated tasks, are included in Myriad including 20 new Actions and many more improved. Users can also save an unlimited number of custom-configured User Actions. The new “Intelligent Stereo to Mono” Action finds mono sounds in stereo files and converts to mono given a user-chosen threshold.

Myriad provides comprehensive support for Broadcast WAVE metadata, SoundCloud, Dropbox and advanced FLAC and Vorbis conversion options. Myriad also supports compressed files on input allowing AAC, MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless and more to be added to the File List.

Guitarist, songwriter, and composer Vernon Reid adds: “I have mountains of material I’ve recorded, old audio recordings on hard drives, that I use for movies, independent films and documentaries. We’ve all become asset management people. Sample Manager before, and now Myriad, helps simplify the file management big-time for trimming, setting loop points, fade in and fade out, normalizing etc. This app is a great tool when you don’t want to open your DAW. I like to use the DAW environment for creating not the management of the files themselves.”

Audiofile has partnered with audio DSP developers Goodhertz to include world-class processing capability to Myriad. Goodhertz’ mastering-grade audio sample rate converter combines incredible sonic performance with unmatched speed and efficiency for a nearly ideal frequency response, preserving high frequency content and eliminating aliasing. Goodhertz Good Dither is a custom-tailored noise shaping algorithm that, rather than relying on noisy peaks or drastic high frequency shaping, always remains smooth and natural sounding while preserving every possible detail of the audio.

“I’m a heavy, heavy user of Sample Manager now Myriad. I use it pretty much every day to do my batch processing, especially for voice over in games where I get a batch of 100 to 1000 lines. I’ve bought them all and this one does a lot of things really right. It’s one of the few batch processing apps you can actually preview before rendering and you can see it visually beforehand, invaluable! This is the most powerful batch converter out there,” sums up videogame sound designer and composer Chris Rickwood.

Myriad for Mac is available for purchase for the introductory price of $79.99 USD (regular $99.99 USD). Myriad supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan.

More information: Audiofile / Myriad