AudioGaming has announced version 2 of its AudioMotors post-production engine tool for Windows and Mac.

AudioGaming AudioMotors V2

AudioMotors lets you fully control the sound design of a car.

From idling to full throttle, AudioMotors allows you to fully control the engine as if you were driving a car.

What if a Mini Cooper became a truck ? It is now possible ! AudioMotors plug-in is the perfect tool for creative sound design. From a basic car sound recording you can create a totally new and astonishing engine sound.

Changes in AudioMotors V2

  • 32/64-bits and AAX/RTAS/VST/AU compatible.
  • New intuitive interface.
  • Realistic drive mode.
  • Tire & Engine-rolling sound scratch mode.
  • Open Sound Control using an iPad.

AudioMotors costs 445 EUR.

More information: AudioGaming / AudioMotors