AudioGaming has announced AudioMotors, a real-time audio plug-in for engine sounds.

AudioGaming AudioMotors

From a single recording, generate any engine speed on demand and get instant access to any detected RPM seamlessly.

Based on advanced analysis synthesis technics this tool will allow you to tune, adapt and change or freeze RPM of a pre-recorded engine sound.

Imagine you could analyze your vehicule or engine sounds to use them in a completely new way: you can now drive them! Audiomotors lets you do this by giving you instant access to any detected RPM seamlessly. Use interior or exterior sounds and use automation in your favorite DAW to get the perfect fit and feel for your vehicle scenes. Whether it’s a hot pursuit or interior rolling while characters are having a conversation, with AudioMotors you can cover it all, in seconds!

AudioMotors features

  • Analysis engine that automatically detect RPMs in recordings.
  • Real-time advanced synthesis engine precise down to the engine cycle.
  • Uses personal recordings as well as commercial sound bank samples.
  • Use interior/exterior sounds with the same quality of results.
  • Automation available on all parameters including RPM in real-time.
  • Sound design capabilities to generate a wide range of creative sounds.
  • VST, RTAS / Windows, Mac OS X.

The AudioMotors plugin is available to purchase for the introductory price of 295 EUR until December 15th, 2012 (regular 445 EUR).

More information: AudioGaming / AudioMotors