AudioGaming AudioSteps

AudioGaming has launched AudioSteps, the first audio footstep system available as a plug-in.

Based on specific real-time control and ownership of acoustic audio signatures, we produce realistic footstep sounds for most post-production needs.

Sound designers get expert control on the audio and save a considerable amount of time. No more need for footstep recordings, all combinations are already available in the plug-in! Gain control over the different properties to shape the sounds you desire.

AudioSteps features

  • Get access instantaneously to thousands of footsteps including different walking speeds.
  • Different behaviors available: walk, break, scuff, tread and clumsiness control.
  • Unique recording setup control to change mic perspective and footstep perceived distance.
  • Pitch control and randomization.
  • Envelope control for each walking type.
  • MIDI in/MIDI out for unlimited control surface possibilities as well as mixing synchronicity.
  • Preset system to speed up recurrent work.
  • Instant preview for fast browsing.
  • Unique midi note off mode to offer instant sounding flexibility & soon to come tablet control (iOS/Android).
  • VST, RTAS, AU / Windows, MacOSX.

The AudioSteps plug-in costs 230 EUR.

More information: AudioGaming / AudioSteps