AudioKit has announced the Digital D1, a 64-voice virtual analog/PCM synthesizer instrument for iPad.

AudioKit Digital D1 main screen

Digital D1 is inspired by the classic 80s and 90s digital synths like the D-50, JD-990, 01/W, Wavestation and more.

Digital D1 features

  • 64-voice Hybrid Digital Poly Synthesis.
  • Fully loaded with 300+ presets by Brice Beasley, Matthew Fecher, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Dean Daughters (Electronisounds), Sound of Izrael, AfroDJMac, and more.
  • Full 1+ Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old.
  • Space-saving Compression. The whole app is under 150mb
  • Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits. Velocity Scaling.
  • Vintage-style Arp/Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers.
  • 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs.
  • Dual Independent per-Layer filters
  • Plus, Per-voice harmonic key tracked Envelope filters. At full polyphony, that’s 130-filters running at once!
  • FX: Glorious Reverb, Phaser, Digital Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
  • Inter-app Audio & AudioBus 3
  • Perfect with a MIDI Keyboard
  • Ableton Link.

Digital D1 is available for $4.99 USD. AUv3 support is coming around Deccember/January as a free upgrade.

All of proceeds from this app go to support the AudioKit open-source project and AudioKit Synth One.

More information: AudioKit

AudioKit Digital D1 Sequencer

AudioKit Digital D1 Schematic

AudioKit Digital D1 Rack Graphic